Security Innovation Day 2016 – Let Security Be

Security Innovation Day 2016 – Let Security Be

“Let Security Be_” that’s the motto for Company’s 4th Security Innovation Day. During the conference were presented the latest technological solutions and integrations that ElevenPaths and Telefónica have developed to cope with different types of cyber threats.

Agenda Security Innovation Day 2016. Let Security Be. Link

SID2016. Welcome.
Jose Luis Gilpérez VideoLink

SID2016. Keynote.
Pedro Pablo Pérez VideoLink

SID2016. Strength Lies in Unity.
Francisco Ginel VideoLink

SID2016. ElevenPaths Partners Program.
Rames Sarwat VideoLink

SID2016. Innovation: The Road To a More Secure Future.
Chema Alonso VideoLink

SID2016. Four Eyes See More Than Two.
Alberto Sempere, David Prieto y Nikolaos Tsouroulas. VideoLink

SID2016. Innovation.
Hugh Thompson (invitado especial) VideoLink

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