Research report “World Anti-Doping Agency data leakage”

Research report “World Anti-Doping Agency data leakage”

Our team of intelligence analysts reveals the details of the new data breach case of the World Anti-doping Agency. Download our new research report and find out more!

On September 13 the group identifying itself as Fancy Bears published information related to four well-known elite athletes, perpetrated against WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). After the initial incident the group continued to publish documents belonging to the same agency on September 15, 17, and 19.

The data disclosure was carried out through a website created on September 1 specifically for the leak. The number of those affected totals sixty-six athletes of sixteen different nationalities exposing numerous medical exemption records issued by different federations and organizations.

Our Cyber security experts warn that there is an elevated risk that both users and third party actors may be targeted in new spear phishing campaigns. Furthermore, the sensitive nature of the data, plus the notoriety of the profiles exposed in the leak, means that this information could be used in a slanderous manner against the athletes.

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