Research report on the cyber identity “New World Hackers”

Research report on the cyber identity “New World Hackers”

ElevenPaths’ analyst team carried out a research on the New World Hackers cyber identity, the group that attributed to the recent attack Ddos that affected Twitter, Spotify and Netflix. Discover more information in our report!

New World Hackers is a group created in 2012 which defines itself as a hacktivist group allegedly linked to Indian and Chinese profiles. Among its targets we have been able to identify both state actors and groups linked to international terrorism such as the Islamic State, as well as the execution of defence actions related to human rights through actions against totalitarian regimes.

Among the attacks they have executed with the greatest repercussions is the operation against the BBC carried out on December 31, 2015; and the attack which left the website of the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump, unusable. Although they originally claimed authorship of the attack against DynDNS in October 2016, whose infrastructure provides support for companies such as Twitter, Spotify, PlayStation Network, or GitHub among others; there aren’t enough elements to support that claim.

The motivations of this collective have been characterized as being linked mainly to hacktivist operations against different classes of targets.

Find out from our intelligence analysts about NewWorldHackers cyber identity.

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