Research Report “LinkedIn data leakage”

Research Report “LinkedIn data leakage”

Our analyst team brings you a new case on the LinkedIn data leakage analysis. Download the report!

On May 17th a database with more than 167 million of alleged leaked LinkedIn credentials, recognized by the company in its personal email to the users on May 25th was published. The information seems to come from a data leak in 2012 and was confirmed in the email as well as proved by special sources which had access to the leakage.

As a mitigation measure, the company proceeded to invalidate the user accounts created prior to the presumed leakage date that had not been restored since then.

The company recognized that the hashing algorithm was SHA1 (without salt) used back then had allowed the damage of a significant part of the leaked passwords (up to 86% according to the source).

Our expert team concludes that to avoid corporate information leakage it is necessary to thoroughly verify the existence of potentially affected corporate accounts that make use of these services.

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