Experian information leakage

Experian information leakage

Experian has become the new victim of a data breach. ElevenPaths’ experts carried out a research on this case. Find out all the details in the full research report!

In early October 2015, Experian, the company responsible for managing credit risk for T-mobile customers, informed of an incident in which access had been compromised to a server containing personal information for consumers who had requested some type of financing between 1 September 2013 and 16 September 2015.

The exposed data was personal, statistical information and the net value of estimated income or the range of requested credit. The number of exposed records reaches more than 27 million, a number noticeably higher than the 15 million previously indicated in 2015 when the incident was discovered.

Having analyzed the data exposed in the information leak and the additional security measures taken by the company, bank fraud against the affected customers is not possible. The level of detail in the gathered information could be used to identify profiles on social networks and even to steal identities of those people affected by this information leak. Therefore, implementation of two-step authentication tools is recommended in order to prevent potential unauthorised access.

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