Research report “Data Leak from Freedom Hosting II”

Research report “Data Leak from Freedom Hosting II”

The latest data breach case affected Freedom Hosting II. ElevenPaths’ intelligence analysts reveal the details of in this research report. Download the new report and find out more!

On 3 February 2017, an anonymous attacker managed to access and modify more than 10,600 hidden service assets that were housed in the Freedom Hosting II service. In their statement, the perpetrator said they published this information because more than 50% of the domains contained material related to child pornography

Among the information exposed, a total of up to 15,356 records have been identified, which were associated with the hidden services that had been housed. The database contained the private RSA keys associated with each domain name, the alias created for logging in to the hosting platform, the associated email address or the hash of the service login password, among other details.

Our analysts recommend users affected by this data leak, and who have not been involved in any illegal activity, that they analyse the security measures implemented by online services prior to procuring them to ensure that they are proportional to the information to be stored.

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