R2Games Information Leakage

R2Games Information Leakage

On 11th July 2016, a database containing information on more than 22 million users was leaked from the Reality Squared Games platform. Want to find out more information? Download our new research!

This company, which already suffered an incident in late 2015 when the credentials of more than two million users were leaked, has been affected again, this time, with all accounts becoming public.

The disclosure was made through the file sharing platform MEGA with the social network Twitter being used to ensure greater media coverage. The nature of the compromised information includes personal data, with the user names, the email accounts, IP addresses associated and hashed password access used on the platform being revealed.

Our experts in Cybersecurity recommend the implementation of general mitigation measures such as promoting the use of two step authentication systems in corporate systems in order to minimize the impact of these leaks.

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