Compliance and Privacy

Develop your business with the highest guarantee ensuring regulatory compliance on a centralised way.

  • A single control framework
  • Automation
  • Business-oriented
  • Risk assessment: DPIA and GDPR
  • Monitoring
  • Management systems (ISO 27001)

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Legal compliance

The growing regulation on privacy and security makes the identification and appropriate application of legislation, regulations and best practices essential to keep your business operating. It is necessary to know what controls you must apply in order to preserve both the value of the assets and the reputation of your organization. In today's economy, these aspects are key to building confidence.


A single control framework

Possibility of establishing a single framework of controls associated with the different assets and allowing to take advantage of synergies between the different regulations.


Surveys are sent via email and tasks are automatically assigned.


Monitoring of the controls applied, their assessment and their impact on the business, based on the relations between the different assets previously defined in the business architecture model.

What Compliance and Privacy offers

Our Compliance Management Services have expert consultants as well as methodologies and tools that will help you:

  • Determine the regulatory framework to be applied.
  • Identify obligations and assess risk, including those risks associated with the Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Establish, evaluate and monitor the global control framework to comply with the different regulations, taking advantage of the synergies existing between them.
  • Implement different Management Systems, such as the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) or Privacy Management System according to the GDPR, among others.
  • Define and establish a Governance Framework with key indicators to effectively monitor regulatory compliance.
  • Management of multiple regulations, including the possibility of assessing organizations' internal policies.
  • Assessment surveys and fully customizable scales.
  • Automated production of reports (Declarations of Applicability, Control Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, record of data processing activities according to the GDPR, among others).
  • Specific module for the Spanish Security Scheme and Critical Infrastructure legislation based on PILAR (Procedimiento Informático Lógico para el Análisis de Riesgos).
  • Specific module to make it possible the implementation of a Privacy Management System according to the GDPR.
  • Automated tracking of tasks associated with regulatory compliance projects.
  • Dashboard with fully-customizable key indicators: the first implementation at international level of the Information Security measurement standard ISO 27004:2009.



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