Cyber Security Solutions

From Telefónica Cyber Security Tech we offer innovative cyber security solutions for organisations and users

What can we do for the security of your business?


What can we do for the security of your business?


Cyber Security solutions for business and users.

Only those companies that are truly aware of digital threats delegate the cyber security of their organisation to experts.

From Telefónica Cyber Security Tech, we offer solutions that allow you to be prepared and respond to any type of attack.

In this section you will find our portfolio of technology solutions and integrations for dealing with the various types of cyberthreats.

Integrated Risk Management

A solution to get a comprehensive view of your organisation's cyber security risks.

IoT Security

Innovative solutions for protecting the IoT ecosystem.

Industrial Cyber Security

We identify, assess and manage industrial infrastructure risks.

Identity Access Management

We guarantee simple and secure access to your online services.

Cloud Security

Centralised security solutions in the era of the public cloud.

Data Protection

We guarantee privacy, confidentiality, control and protection of your company’s data.

Secure Mobility

Security solutions for mobile devices.

Web Security

Comprehensive security solution for applications and web services.

VIP Protection

Protection of senior management and high-ranking positions.

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