Vulnerability Scanning

Beyond traditional scanning to risk-driven remediation.

  • Best-in-class Technology
  • Complete Visibility
  • Proven Methodology
  • Alerts on Critical Vulnerabilities
  • Remediation Tracking
  • Results Validation and Vulnerability Certification

Vulnerability Analysis Web Application Scanning

New vulnerabilities emerge every day in network devices, servers, and web applications

Continuous monitoring and automatic security analysis of network infrastructure and internet facing web applications to provide a global view of your organisation’s weaknesses, helping to identify vulnerabilities on their assets and allowing a prioritized management of their correction. A customer-oriented portal and our iSOC complete the value proposal of the Service.


Complete and continuous updated coverage

Our scanning technologies provide visibility over assets beyond companies’ control and implements the latest attack techniques with continuous scanning over IT network infrastructure and web applications. This reduces the exposure time to security breaches and enables companies to know their risk at any given moment with real-time coverage of the entire attack surface.

Expert and certified support

Our certified team has more than 10 years of accumulated expertise tuning these scanning technologies to get the most from them and meet digital companies´ requirements. To complement the process, every detected vulnerability goes through an accurate validation process that allows us to alert proactively of critical findings that pose a real risk.

Tracking of all your vulnerabilities in a single point

Our online portal provides a single point of entry for vulnerability management based on security standards. Our platform includes dashboards with detailed metrics, technical recommendations, and remediation projects for effective prioritization.

Vulnerability Analysis

Due to the changing environment that surrounds companies nowadays and the need to continuously update their IT platforms to be competitive, security teams struggle to identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities that affects organisation’s systems and services.

Powered by market-leading technology Rapid 7’s Nexpose, Vulnerability Analysis Service helps you address this problem providing expert support on mitigation and prioritization process. On top of that, our certified security team tunes and supervises the scanning process providing deep insights for relevant vulnerabilities that pose a risk.

Web applications are one of the most common types of software in use today and typically provide access to key data and services that are fundamental to companies’ business. According to the Verizon 2020 DBIR, web apps were involved in 43% of breaches, more than double the results from last year.

Our Web Application Scanning Service is powered by our Faast proprietary technology, a SaaS platform that automatically and continuously (24x7) implements the phases (discovery, analysis, and exploitation) that attackers use to compromise the security of companies’ web applications. Besides, our qualified security team conducts the scans and validates the results obtained, providing support on remediation.

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