Benchmarking, Audit & Compliance

Monitor your stakeholders’ security risks, while better understanding your security stance compared to your industry peers in a resource-effective way.

Improve your risk posture following the action plans defined within our managed service

Organisations are often unaware of their own organisations actual security performance, let alone the security performance of their suppliers and partners. This is due to a lack of objective statistics and tools to help measure and mitigate dynamic cyber risk across the business ecosystem. Our service provides continuous insight into how organisations have their security processes and security measures under control.

In this sense, Telefónica has partnered with BitSight, to offer the Benchmarking and Third-Party Risk Monitoring service, to help you gain standardized visibility of cyber risks across your entire ecosystem, prioritizing your investments and actions on the most critical areas that produce the highest measurable impact over time.


Security benchmarking

Measure the impact of security processes and tools, calculating the ROI of your cyber security budget and comparing your performance to your industry and specific peers.

Risk reduction

Reduce exposure to data leaks by making security decisions quickly and efficiently.

Objective communication

Facilitate data-driven conversations around cyber security among key stakeholders.

Security Performance Management

Broad measurement, continuous monitoring, and detailed planning and forecasting to measurably reduce cyber risk.

Expose cyber risk within your supply chain, helping focus your resources, and work alongside you and your vendors to achieve significant and measurable cyber risk reduction.

Effectively measure the security posture of a current or prospective policyholder and make informed underwriting decisions as well as providing you with tools to help policyholders mitigate risk.

Governments, CERTs and National Law Enforcement organisations can benchmark the security performance of their nation against others, analyze how their key industries perform compared to those in other nations, and identify threats occurring within their geographical area.

Conduct data-driven due diligence and manage portfolio risk, enabling your business to mitigate security risk before, during and after an acquisition or investment.

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