Adversarial Security Testing

Measuring yourself against the adversary without real consequences.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Executive Summary and Detailed Findings
  • Customized Approach
  • Iterative Collaboration
  • Stealthy Exploitation
  • Dedicated Team
  • Proven Expertise

Pentesting & Security Assessment Red Team Assessment

Real threats do not understand timetables or restrictions

We conduct security testing from an adversary's point of view to identify and correct key gaps in defenses and response capabilities. Improve your security awareness and confidence by educating your team about cyber security threats and implement corresponding controls. The main objective is learning, and providing companies with the knowledge and expertise to help to define their security strategy.


Comprehensive and independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your security

We provide an independent and objective security assessment of your infrastructure, software, and employees, clearly highlighting security risks from both internal and external vulnerabilities. Your company receives essential information distilled in a way that is valuable to both non-technical executives and technical security teams.

Our Global Experts

The Pentest Team is part of a distributed global SOC specialised on cyber security that provides the right combination of global and local capabilities testing to a huge variety of industries and different types of organisations. Companies benefit from our worldwide talent and expertise shared in the specific context they need, providing clear and concise guidance on how to protect information against nowadays sophisticated attacks.

Gain persistent experience against next-generation threats and unknown vulnerabilities without risks

Check the real impact of a targeted attack without real world consequences and justify the allocation of security resources and whether they are being used effectively to mitigate and prevent threats. Increase corporate awareness, security team motivation and readiness as defenses are constantly tested and adapted to continuous evolving environment.

Pentesting & Security Assessment

We provide organisations with an accurate and realistic security posture based on a broad offering of manual security tests conducted by a skilled team of security professionals. Our team helps companies uncover critical vulnerabilities, understand their risk, and prioritize considering factors like exploitability and impact. In addition, this service allows to meet compliance requirements with industry standards and regulations, and keeps executive management informed about the organisation’s overall risk level.

As a trusted partner, we understand the companies’ context, objectives, and requirements to recommend security testing that best suits their security posture and maturity.

Designed to provide organisations with the possibility to validate their resilience to real attack scenarios, as well as to train their defense, with the advantage of doing so in a controlled and constructive manner.

We do this by running simulations of attacks against people, software, hardware, and infrastructure, from the perspective of cybercriminals, using tactics, techniques and procedures observed in recent real-life attacks. In this way, we identify and exploit the vulnerabilities found and demonstrate how they could damage company's most critical assets.

Each of these attacks is bespoke to your organisation, considering both technological and business aspects. The service has a dedicated Red Team with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, whose mission is to design and execute the different attack scenarios (social engineering, physical intrusion tests, application, system, and communications intrusion tests), based on the threat intelligence obtained on the technological and/or human assets of your organisation.

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