Managed Threat Hunting

Our Managed Threat Hunting service searches for hidden malicious actors and artifacts that might remain undetected in your network.

  • Over 200 threat hunters, malware reversers, threat intelligence analysts…
  • Use our iMSSP platform
  • Take advantage of our proprietary intelligence
  • Latest intelligence in adversaries (TTPs, IoCs)

Enhance your digital protection and cyber resilience with our NextDefense Detection and Response services

Todays security operations must filter huge numbers of alerts coming from security and IT systems, a task that is made exponentially more difficult by the limited visibility of IT infrastructure and the constant change and increasing sophistication of attacker techniques.

Our NextDefense Detection and Response Services protect you by identifying and stopping threats, but also by assisting you in case of an incident. Our mission is to provide you with the latest protection, technology and experts to help you extend your capability.

Advantages of the products


Our Team is monitoring 159 adversaries and has generated over 30 million IoCs in the last 12 months. You will benefit from all the intelligence we collect.

Best practices

Our highly experienced team and processes provide you with leading edge investigations, reports and recommendations that help increase your security maturity.

Elite team of experts

We have more than fully dedicated 200 threat hunters, malware reversers, threat intelligence analysts, forensics experts and security specialists around the world with years and years of experience of hunting for threats on client’s networks.

Greater visibility

When investigating your network looking for adversaries and malicious artefacts, you gain the capability of increasing your knowledge about potential hidden vulnerabilities or undetected threats.

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