Threat Intelligence Feeds

We support your company´s security strategic planning while enhancing your detection and response capabilities with the latest information on your adversaries intentions.

  • Proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence powered by our MSSP & TELCO capabilities
  • Latest IoCs from the top threat exchange forums
  • TIP's ability to add and address intelligence
  • Tactical intelligence to support detection & hunting
  • Standard formats to integrate with your security controls
  • Finished strategic intelligence from world's best Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors

Do you want to know more about Threat Intelligence Feeds?

Intelligence feeds for early identification of sophisticated threats

Knowing, understanding, and profiling our adversaries has become essential to be able to anticipate attacks and hunt for new techniques that escape security controls.

Therefore, it is essential to leverage tactical threat intelligence, fully integrated within your security processes to improve detection, while also taking advantage of strategic intelligence to anticipate new attack trends and adapt your security posture.

Advantages of the product

Proprietary intelligence

We rely on our private threat exchange programs (CTA, TELCO alliance, FIRST, APWG), our partners (top security companies) and our incident response team. All of that centralised in our iMSSP platform.

Bespoke application for your needs

Deliver personalised threat reports to your C-Suite or let us help you implement our tactical feed into your security controls, through our professional services.

Feed your security devices with the latest tactical intel

Our Threat Intelligence capability processes over 32 millions of IoC every year and monitors over 160 threat adversaries.

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