Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions aim at helping you understand your digital risks, providing you with a strategic advantage and situational awareness for better identification and anticipation against threats targeting your digital assets.

Learn where you stand on the digital world, and anticipate emerging targeted threats

Proactive information-based defense against emerging risks is a necessity and a challenge for most organisations. Many have a reactive approach and others, using threat sources, have outdated, unreliable, and unuseful information.

Cyber Threat intelligence is all about knowing, understanding and profiling your adversaries so that you anticipate their intentions to harm your organisation.


Up-to-date situational awareness

Understand the digital footprint of your organisation and its associated risks within your business ecosystem, having a contextualized security level.

Global visibility & presence

We have a global scope and local presence in all regions through our extended network of SOCs, combined with our TELCO alliances, our strategic partnerships, and premium exchange groups (CTA, APWG, FIRST, etc.).

Human Expertise

Highly qualified and experienced analysts with more than 10 years of experience, monitoring over 160 adversaries and processing over 30 M indicators of compromise every year.

Risks Anticipation and Prevention

We help you protect your most valuable digital assets, anticipating adversary intents to carry out fraudulent activities, and thus avoiding large economic losses.

Digital Risk Protection

Monitor and protect your company´s brand and reputation against targeted threats against your organisation.

GO TO Digital Risk Protection
  • Proprietary platform and best-in-class partners
  • Specialized highly skilled Cyber Threat Intelligence experts
  • Curated actionable alerts, relevant to your business
  • Global threat visibility and local presence
  • Reduce financial and reputational losses
  • Support CISO visibility and decision-making

Threat Intelligence Feeds

We support your company´s security strategic planning while enhancing your detection and response capabilities with the latest information on your adversaries intentions.

GO TO Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence powered by our MSSP & TELCO capabilities
  • Latest IoCs from the top threat exchange forums
  • TIP's ability to add and address intelligence
  • Tactical intelligence to support detection & hunting
  • Standard formats to integrate with your security controls
  • Finished strategic intelligence from world's best Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors
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