Web Security Gateway

Effective protection of web browsing

  • Full protection. Anytime, anywhere, for any device
  • Traffic can be configured to comply with policies
  • User behavior analysis
  • No need to deploy hardware or software
  • Continuous updating
  • Easy deployment and management

What can we do for your cyber security?

Secure Internet access for any user, from anywhere and for any device

Effective protection of web browsing requires being able to evolve and adapt ourselves as different threats do, by analyzing millions of web transactions in seconds.

Web Security Gateway is a flexible and configurable service that guarantees client's serenity by making possible a secure and effective web browsing for all employees, regardless of the Internet access point or device used.


Dynamic and Multilayer Web Filtering

It allows a more precise and flexible control of the web traffic thanks to a detailed categorization of any address.


Ensures seamless protection against any kind of malware, ransomware or zero-day vulnerabilities by designing a customized security tailored to the user.


Implementation of policies to verify that no transaction violates the data usage policy intended to prevent data leaks.

Always-on Global Coverage

Cloud service based on a fully interconnected redundant infrastructure.

Continuous Updating

By using a centralised global intelligence network, with more than 175 million sensors for real-time detection and threat classification.

No Additional Deployments

Implementation that is transparent to the user, without the need to deploy hardware or software in the corporate network.

User Analysis and Control

User behavior analysis capable of detecting and preventing potential risk scenarios, correcting inappropriate behaviors.

Easy Deployment

Management and scalability to meet the business needs. Integration with corporate directories.

Full Protection

Full protection of web browsing, anytime, anywhere, for any device.

Technical features

  • The client’s web browsing traffic is redirected to a proxy that analyzes and filters all outgoing and incoming traffic.
  • Maximum versatility to guarantee protection and access of any device thanks to a unified agent and specific mobile applications.
  • Protects roaming users and applies on them the same security features applied within the company facilities.
  • Identifies known and unusual behaviors through an anti-malware engine.
  • Runs web page components in a high security Sandbox to identify malicious items.
  • Centralised portal that guarantees total visibility for the client thanks to its real-time reports.

Who is it intended for?

  • Companies with a high geographic distribution in their web access, both nationally and multi-nationally, who want to ensure that all their employees follow the same security policies regardless of their location.
  • Clients who seek to satisfy their security needs by reducing the costs associated with deploying equipment and personnel, thanks to a security service managed with the guarantee of the Telefónica team of professional experts.
  • Companies looking for the flexibility of a hybrid security model, based on both the capabilities of their infrastructure and the elasticity and potential of the Cloud.
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