Web Application Firewall: WAF

Protect your business from specialized web threats.

  • Cloud service
  • No costly and complex installations
  • Ensures the security of commercial transactions
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Minimizes risks of sanctions for leaks
  • Operates 24x7
  • Certified professionals

What can we do for your cyber security?

We provide an integrated security layer in our internet access service

As the number of applications exposed to the Internet and the specialization of cybercriminals increase, so does the number and complexity of threats specialized in the web environment.

WAF provides the client with protection for their corporate web services or applications on the Internet by ensuring that they are always available while preventing potential vulnerabilities from being exploited, since they may result in security breaches and malware infections.


Continuous Protection

Of your applications without the need for equipment or dedicated staff.


Minimizes risks of data leakage to attacks that exploit vulnerabilities when it is not possible to make immediate changes on the application code.

Cloud Solution

Solution adaptable to the volume of web activity. No hardware is required for its application.

Tailored to Each Application

It identifies all the content of the applications and implements automatic and customized protection policies according to the features of each application.


Being aware of the attacks will allow the company to understand more deeply its services and assets. Thus, it will be able to apply measures to improve the performance and security of its applications.

Cost Reduction

Thanks to the implementation of security as a managed service.

Minimizes Risks

Ideal to ensure the security of commercial transactions and compliance with PCI-DSS payment regulation. It helps minimize risks of sanctions for data leaks.


Fully-managed service. 24x7x365 permanent protection and assistance.

Certified Professionals

The professionals who work in this service have the most renowned certifications and expert knowledge in security, audits and development.

Technical features

  • Helps you to protect all types of applications (in data centres, in your own premises) against specialized attacks, also against those that use encrypted traffic.
  • Non-intrusive and transparent managed solution for the client.
  • Easy implementation that only requires a DNS redirection.
  • Automatic and customized learning thanks to the global intelligence of the platform and customized user rules.
  • Advanced protection that understands web logic and applies the specific security that an IPS or NGFW cannot provide.
  • Real-time monitoring of attacks and protection measures applied through a portal.

Who is it intended for?

  • Big, medium, and small businesses.
  • Any company that develops web services on the Internet, being useful both for public applications and for internal applications that can be the focus of attacks that come from within the organisation and turn them into security holes.
  • It is of special necessity in the case of card payment transactions for compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.
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