Network Firewall: Clean Pipes

Your network protected with secure internet access.

  • No capital expenditure
  • Management from our unified platform
  • Firewall
  • Scalability
  • Web filtering
  • Advanced protection against threats
  • Integrated service portal

What can we do for your cyber security?

We provide an integrated security layer in our internet access service

The current technological revolution is yielding a new generation of applications and services. However, it is also increasing our exposure to cyberattacks that employ increasingly sophisticated techniques.

Our global advanced security platform provides a full protection from the Telefónica's network, with no need to purchase or deploy within your company costly hardware/software solutions managed by experts.


Full protection

Full internet access protection based on the best security technologies.

Cost reduction

No need to invest in hardware, software, maintenance or operation.

Application firewall

Traffic control depending on the application that generates it and the user’s identity. Integration with the company’s directory systems.

Web filtering

Limits the exposure to malicious content and implements corporate internet usage policies. URL databases always updated and fed by the global Threat Intelligence platform.

Protection against threats

Prevention of intrusions and malware blocking. Includes a data leak prevention functionality based on file types and patterns.

Advanced threat protection

Sandbox service that identifies zero-day malware through static and dynamic analyzes of the behavior of files and links. Based on the analysis of samples of over 14,000 subscribers.

Service portal

Integrated into our unified security service management platform with access to reports and dashboards in real time.


Scalable service based on virtualization, with efficient redimensioning, aligned with any change in the flow requirements for the subscribed internet service.


100% close service availability thanks to a high-availability architecture.

Technical features

Client internet traffic is redirected to the security platform on which client services are configured. An example of how it works:

  • The client has several offices connected via MPLS VPN and purchases secure Internet access.
  • Traffic between offices passes through the VPN while Internet traffic is redirected to the security platform located near the interconnection points to guarantee efficiency.
  • Our SOC specialists implement the policies requested by the client, and provide assistance in their definition and in incident management.
  • The client is granted with complete visibility and control over the service through the portal, where they can monitor it in real time.

Who is it intended for?

  • From large companies to SMEs. Clean Pipes is designed to be a step forward in internet access service so that the protection against threats is an inherent characteristic of the access service.
  • Intended for anyone seeking to guarantee protection based on the best technologies currently available, forestalling the need for investments or the burden of elevated operating costs.
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