Specialized protection against volumetric Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

  • Service fully managed by Telefónica
  • Minimal impact
  • Quick recovery of network and services
  • Protection against volumetric and application attacks
  • 24x7
  • Certified professionals

What can we do for your cyber security?

Mitigate DDoS attacks before they affect your network

The yearly incidence of DDoS attacks has been on the rise because of the relative ease with which cybercriminals can take over control of personal computers and, more recently, IoT devices, with which they can generate widespread distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Sooner or later all organisations doing online business or having an online presence will be affected by a denial-of-service attack. Being prepared and implementing security measures to protect and optimize your network infrastructure is critical both for you and for the security of your clients.

Our Anti-DDoS service offers a solution that detects and mitigates these types of attacks before they reach your network, allowing you to maintain the service thanks to the peace of mind of having comprehensive protection against multiple vulnerabilities and digital threats.



Full protection against all DDoS attack categories (volumetric and application).

Smart filtering

Smart filtering weeding out attack traffic and delivering only clean traffic.

Detection and cleaning

Detects and cleans before entering the client’s network to prevent the saturation of its Internet links.


Adapts to the needs of clients via cloud-based application, at the client’s facilities or through a hybrid model.


The visibility of the attacks and safeguards engaged in real time through a service portal

Cost reduction

Thanks to the implementation of security as a service in a non-intrusive and transparent way for the client.

Service continuity

Quick recovery of network and service availability, with minimal impact.


Fully-managed service. 24x7x365 permanent protection and assistance.

Certified Professionals

The professionals who work in this service have the most renowned certifications and expert knowledge in networks and security.

Technical features

  • Cleaning in the cloud near the source to prevent DDoS attacks from collapsing connections and rendering it impossible for the company to receive legitimate traffic from its users and clients.
  • Customization of the service for organisations requiring an even greater level of protection through a specific protection layer on their own network to obtain a greater granularity.
  • Visibility of the attack traffic so that the company can examine more thoroughly its most frequently attacked assets. In this way, measures can be applied to improve the efficiency and security of its systems.

Who is it intended for?

  • Any company with any sort of activity with a presence on the Internet.
  • Essential for companies operating in sectors such as finance, e-commerce and gaming, but also the government, defense and critical infrastructure protection.
  • Check availability of the service according to geography.
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