IT Security Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management of IT security functions.

  • Maximum protection
  • Automatic management and immediate notification
  • Flexibility
  • Holistic Visibility
  • Dynamic interaction
  • Certified experience

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What can we do for your cyber security?

Boost your business and control your organisation’s security level

Managed security services have reached a high level of maturity. However, some disruptive factors are forcing organisations to fight technological, operational, and business challenges that spread to IT and affect the entire organisation.

Given the new cyberattacks, the loss of the traditional corporate security perimeter, as well as the search for efficiencies through automation to keep complexity under control and achieve cost reduction, there is a need to comply with multiple regulations, safeguard the brand and reputation to protect competitive advantage and ensure client satisfaction.

Our managed security solution, based on intelligence and automation, is designed to meet these new challenges while helping to reduce costs and simplifying deployment and operations.


Maximum protection

Thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art advanced detection technologies based on Big Data and machine learning.

Automatic management and immediate notification

Of incidents from Telefónica’s Security Operations Centres (SOCs).


To fit protection technologies already deployed by the client.

Holistic visibility

Of overall security status.

Dynamic interaction

Thanks to our risk management and regulatory compliance solution.

Certified experience

Of Telefónica’s security analysts.

Technical features

  • Categorization and storage in Telefónica’s Big Data of events and alarms of client SIEMs (on-premises or in the cloud), network traffic or other protection services deployed in the cloud.
  • Second level of correlation through patented algorithms that combine different information sources through heuristic models, neural networks, behavioral patterns and machine learning.
  • Efficient management of incidents and alarms through a configurable automatic response module, deployed in Telefónica's SOCs for early response, automatic notification and resolution of incidents.
  • Advanced portal for consulting security KPIs, detailed information on incidents, risk level of the organisation and regulatory compliance.
  • Inventory of security equipment and health monitoring devices.
  • Customization engine of security events dashboards.
  • Multi-vendor platform, integrated with the security equipment or services of the most relevant vendors, whether located on-premises or in a third-party cloud.
  • Integration with client ticketing systems to deal with incidents and client requests.



SandaS correlates relevant security information in an advanced way. It categorizes, reports incidents and displays that information, thus allowing automatic responses in real time.

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