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We manage cyber security for your industrial environment.

  • Simplify operations
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  • Visibility
  • Network asset monitoring
  • Integration

What can we do for your cyber security?

The greatest challenge of industry 4.0: Cyber Security

What is the factory of the future? What are the main challenges it presents?

Flexibility. Widespread personalisation requires production to be automated and the supply chain to be streamlined, which brings greater exposure and integration with third parties.

Digitalisation. The design, production and service must be digital.

With our OT security services, we guarantee industrial cyber security while providing visibility for the industrial assets and processes of your company, facilitating digitalisation and integration with third-parties in a secure manner.


Cost reduction

Visibility and monitoring of industrial network assets

Management of threats and anomalies in the industrial environment

Efficiently and dynamically manage inventory.

OT monitoring

The convergence of IT and OT networks poses a challenge for modern companies in terms of security. Success in the current digital economy depends on being able to harness all available resources on both networks.

The first challenge to overcome is identifying the various network assets, knowing how they communicate and classifying them in order to be able to apply the appropriate security measures and thus detect possible threats. To do that, Telefónica provides its OT monitoring solution.

Control networks have been growing in recent years, mixing themselves with corporate networks, increasing their connectivity to increase business opportunities and meeting customer needs. With the disappearance of the mythical “air gap” between networks, exposure has increased exponentially for both and there is a need for logical separation to limit this exposure. Telefónica has the most extensive experience and the best partners for providing and supporting NGFW solutions for segregation between IT and OT networks that not only allow essential services to interact on the two networks but also provide access control and in-depth packet inspection.

The segregation of IT and OT networks is just the first step. To control networks in a more granular way, industrial processes and devices need to be separated according to the best recommendations. This will enable more granular access control and areas to be isolated in the event of an incident to limit the spread. These elements will need to support the tough demands of industrial environments. In response to this need, Telefónica provides a wide range of line FW and rugged switches suited to the needs of each industry.

One of the most common attack vectors comes from USB devices. Telefónica provides various solutions that respond to SW threats (virus), HW threats (keyboard simulators) and electrical threats (gate protection) in various formats to suit the industrial environment.

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