IoT Threat Detection

Innovative solutions for protecting the IoT ecosystem from threats.

  • Visibility
  • IoT device profiling
  • Threat detection
  • Network monitoring
  • Cost control
  • Peace of mind
  • Risk mitigation

What can we do for your cyber security?

We monitor the IoT devices from our network, offering a stand-out approach

When millions of hyper-connected devices use different technologies, the true challenge is providing scalable security solutions capable of meeting the uniformity and scalability requirements of an IoT environment.

Telefónica enhances the infinite possibilities of IoT thanks to various factors: a large team of experts with years of experience in security, a growing client base and both in-house and third-party infrastructures with which we help our clients protect their IoT ecosystems based on security capabilities backed up by the portfolio of products and services of Telefónica Cyber Security Tech.



Through traffic and general inspection for any vertical solution.

IoT device profiling

Are the IoT devices behaving as expected? Through the application of Machine Learning techniques, the behaviour of IoT devices can be profiled; i.e. standard behaviour patterns can be learned.

Threat detection

Once the devices have been profiled, it becomes possible to detect unusual behaviour. The use of signatures, heuristics and anomaly detection allows not only known attacks to be detected but unknown attacks to also be anticipated and detected.

IoT Threat Detection includes specific cyber-intelligence for the IoT environment taken from an IoT honeypot, which allows threats affecting this sector in particular to be detected.

Network monitoring

The solution works from the network, without the need for agents to be installed on the devices. This means all IoT devices can be protected, even those with limited resources that do not allow the installation of agents. Furthermore, this allows all traffic to be monitored - both that heading for the IoT platform and that heading for the Internet.

Cost control

Poor device configuration or device infections can lead to increased traffic volume or traffic to be used unexpectedly, with a direct repercussion on consumption of the company’s data tariff.

Peace of mind

This solution provides “the Telefónica IoT secure line”, which brings peace of mind for the client.

By operating on a copy of the traffic, this service does not affect the client’s service traffic at any moment. Furthermore, the experts at our SOCs manage the service in such a way that any false positives are eliminated and the client is only notified of real alerts.

Risk mitigation

This solution is easily integrated with various firewalls and SIEM, in which the security policies that decide the actions to be taken in the event of a security incident can be configured.

Technical characteristics

  • Network solution: It allows the behaviour of IoT devices to be monitored from the network; i.e. it inspects all the traffic heading for the IoT platform and other servers as well. It can be applied to all IoT devices because no agent needs to be installed on the device. Telefónica offers a stand-out approach by harnessing all the capabilities offered by our own network.
  • Anomaly detection based on Machine Learning: It analyzes the metadata to identify deviation from known patterns in terms of transmission frequency, protocol, data length, gate, etc. This technique allows unknown and zero-delay attacks to be detected.
  • IoT-specific cyber-intelligence. The solution uses various sources of cyber-intelligence, including a global network of honeypots that collect cyber-intelligence specific to the world of IoT. This makes it possible to detect viruses, malware and other attacks that could pass unnoticed if this in-depth analysis were not carried out. Furthermore, heuristics are used to streamline the use of signatures and to detect attacks involving a sequence of packets.
  • It does not represent a point of failure: Given that the solution works on a copy of the traffic, this solution does not represent a point of failure and the client’s service traffic is not affected.
  • Managed service: This service is supported by the capability of the 11 SOCs that Telefónica has around the world, where our experts work to guarantee optimal operation of the service.
  • Large- and medium-sized enterprises.
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