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Mobile Connect is a mobile device-based universal and secure access solution that enables access to websites and applications, quickly and without remembering passwords and usernames. It is secure, secure and avoids sharing users’ personal information without permission.

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Global Market Reach

The solution is provided on a cross-operator basis, leveraging >7b mobile users.


The solution is offered as a neutral brand and the same user experience for all end users, regardless of the operator providing the service.


Telcos are regulated organisations and rank as one of the most trusted personal data guardians.

Usability and Security

The solution improves usability while increasing the level of security by leveraging network and SIM robustness.

Know Your Client

The solution allows validating information on the end user, based on a wide range of attributes.


Mobile Connect provides the end user with privacy control over their personal data shared with third parties.

Mobile Connect offers you…

  • Mobile Connect is a user identity and authentication service based on the OpenID Connect / OAuth2 standards. It is similar to other authentication / identity services often integrated into applications and services, except for the major difference: authentication is performed by a mobile phone user.
  • Privacy is at the heart of Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is about placing individuals and their mobiles at the core of identity services and letting them control when and how they expose their real identities (if they wish to do it).
  • Mobile Connect is a service provided by individual mobile network operators - who deliver it through a consistent technical interface.

Technical Features

  • Extensive use cases – authentication is an essential part of everyday life (online logins, identification for call centres, two-factor authentication as an alternative to SMS).
  • Global standard – a single API to reach all the involved operators, so complexity and costs are reduced .
  • Consistent user experience – it delivers privacy-integrated trust, association with strong operator brand.
Mobile Connect
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