Add an Extra Security Layer to Your Online Services

Protect your business with Latch and provide your users with an extra security layer.

Recent studies suggest that identity theft is moving towards more sophisticated methods, making it increasingly difficult for users and companies to protect themselves.

Latch allows you to reduce the risks of attacks targeted at your online services. Your users will be able to lock easily the service account or the functionalities you decide when they do not wish to use them.

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Protect your online services

Latch allows you to implement a security switch on your online services that temporarily locks the login mechanism, credit card payments, e-mail access, etc.

Protection for your users

From a simple mobile app, your users may opt to “lock the door” and “open it” only when they want to use the service.

Available for

Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Firefox OS devices and Windows Phone.

Only 3 steps are necessary to protect your online services

  • Sign up for Latch: create your account as a Latch Developer.
  • Integrate Latch: download the Plugins and SDKs to integrate Latch.
  • Start latching: select the services you wish to protect.
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