Privileged Access Management: SmartPAM

Privileged access management combined with robust authentication mechanisms.

  • Secure credentials
  • Security policies
  • Workflow simplification
  • Visibility and traceability
  • High availability and scalability
  • Maximum simplicity and ease of use
  • Extra protection thanks to Latch

What can we do for your cyber security?

Additional protection, visibility and control of privileged accounts

SmartPAM establishes a control barrier by dissociating privileged users’ nominal accounts from generic access accounts, thus allowing to establish an independent and intermediate control element on access and activity in the access to critical resources.

SmartPAM integrates Latch with PAM (Privileged Access Management) solutions to offer an improved security solution for users with privileged accesses, this way helping organisations meet their objectives to protect access to critical elements and environments.


Secure credentials

Secure management of account credentials with privileged access.

Security policies

To gain control of the activity of privileged users over critical systems.

Workflow simplification

Workflow simplification and preauthorization mechanisms.

Visibility and traceability

On the activity and actions performed through privileged accounts when acting as an intermediary between them and the systems.

High availability and scalability

Thanks to a distributed architecture. Flexible design that may be integrated with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Easy to use

Maximum simplicity and ease of use for end users, both by console access and web access with single sign-on.

Extra protection

Based on access control and notifications offered by Latch.

Technical Features

  • Privileged User Access: SmartPAM may be integrated with a previous IAM environment, enabling authentication through existing elements (Active Directory, LDAP, Radius). Two-factor authentication strengthens security without impacting on user experience.
  • Credential Protection and Management: SmartPAM protects privileged accounts on critical systems by securely storing and communicating passwords and SSH keys only to authorized identities.
  • Centralised Protection and Management: SmartPAM finds out and inventories the privileged accounts on the systems it is integrated with. It can access user repositories to import the associated roles and permissions. This quality allows defining granular access policies
  • Login Control and Monitoring.
  • Application-to-Application Communication: SmartPAM eliminates the need to hardcode passwords and SSH key in the applications.
  • Advanced Analytics and SIEM Integration: SmartPAM provides precise alerts about potentially dangerous or suspicious activity that might suggest attack attempts or malicious activity.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Large and medium-sized companies.
  • Multinationals.
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