Legally valid electronic and biometric signature of electronic documents

SealSign On-Premises allows the signing of electronic documents by an electronic or biometric handwritten signature made with a pointer or touch pen on a screen that captures the graphic stroke and the data that make up and validate the signer's biometric pattern. With full legal guarantees.

SealSign On-Premises defines a flow of electronic or biometric signatures that allows signing from any place and device. Users can receive all documents pending signature through an operation similar to an email inbox while their documents are protected against information leaks.

The latest version of SealSign and all its modules is 4.3.

Version 3.x will be discontinued on September 1, 2020.

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Technical Features

  • SealSign On-Premises allows obtaining signatures from multiple devices. It has signature capture components for various tablets such as Android, Windows 8 / RT, Apple iOS and BlackBerry as well as for desktops or laptops equipped with a signature digitizer tablet from different vendors.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Companies that want to replace the paper labor hiring process with a legal digital method.
  • Companies that want to include in their processes the biometric signature for their commercial offers.
Sealsign use cases
Sign 100 documents per minute
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