Secure Mobile Device Management

Increase productivity without compromising the organisation's security.

  • Increase productivity through mobile devices without compromising the security of the organisation.
  • Management of corporate data and applications.
  • Reduction of costs
  • Protection of personal devices (BYOD)

What can we do for your cyber security?

Increase productivity without compromising the organisation's security

The increase of smartphones in the workplace improve productivity significantly but, this also causes new security breaches that must be covered and high management costs.


Managed service

Enforces and monitors all security policies regarding the use of mobile devices.

Increase productivity

Through mobile devices without compromising the security of the organisation.

Reduction of costs

Associated with the configuration, management and support of mobile devices.

Management of corporate data and applications

It allows the employee to safely use their own resources within the organisation (BYOD)

Effective and efficient response

The growth in the number of smart devices and mobile applications that are used within the organisation

Supplier integration

The proliferation of different manufacturers and coexistence of different operating systems.

End-user protection

Ensures that the devices and their contents are secure, hence the protection of end users.

Secure productivity applications

Ensures that the use of Enterprise productivity applications is effective, efficient, and secure.

Technical features

  • Management of the device throughout its lifecycle.
  • Real-time inventory of the devices, use reports and compliance of the security policy.
  • Management of corporate use applications (MAM).
  • Content Management (MCM)
  • Management of Security policies applied to the mobile device.
  • Theft protection, device blocking, total or partial deletion and last known location.

Who is it intended for?

  • Designed for and focused on organisations that need to establish a basic leve lof protection for their mobile devices and manage a broad array of terminals.
  • Especially aimed at companies with mature IT and security departments that must implement security policies on Corporate Owned Device (COD), Corporate Owned Personal Enabled (COPE) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
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