Mobile Threat Protection

The most advanced and transparent protection.

  • Most advanced protection solution
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Malicious app detection
  • Detection of “man in the middle” attacks
  • Has the highest threat detection rate
  • Eliminates threats immediately
  • Integrated real-time visibility in SIEM and MDM

What can we do for your cyber security?

The most advanced protection against application attacks, device attacks, and network attacks

The use of smartphones and tablets provides inmediate access to information from any space with the risks that this entails.

Our Mobile Threat Protection service secure your devices against the possible risks of exposure and loss of sensitive information.


Complete solution

It is the most complete advanced protection solution and the one that has the highest threat detection rate.

Operating system protection

Ensures protection against device vulnerabilities and configuration changes.

Application protection

Detection of malicious applications.

Network protection

Detection of “man in the middle” attacks.

User experience

Provides a transparent user experience: immediately detects and removes threats without compromising the device’s performance.

Integration with SIEM and MDR

Gives a layer of visibility and intelligence of threats in real-time that can be integrated with the main SIEM and MDM systems.

Mobile Threat Protection

  • It establishes a secure business environment, segregating your business data and applications, including those on your personal devices.
  • It protects commercial and confidential data that is idle, in use and in transit on iOS and Android mobile devices from cybernetic attacks.
  • It improves visibility and protection by integrating with existing mobility and security systems (MDM, MAM, NAC, SIEM, etc.).
  • It enables a fast response to advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks between platforms.

How it works and differential value

  • Each threat is different, so a made-to-measure reaction must be created to maintain security.
  • Mobile Threat Protection executes responses for both known and unknown threats and creates policies for different thresholds or for different people or user groups.
  • Furthermore, the main value with Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration is that it enables you to restrict access to the secure container or apply policy adjustments in real-time based on risks in the compromised devices, which Secure Mobile Device Management (MDMs) can’t apply by themselves.
  • You can also activate VPN tunnels on demand to preserve sensitive traffic whilst there is a threat.

Who is it intended for?

  • Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) has been designed for and is focused on organisations that need to protect their mobile devices against a wide range of threats, especially for those with COD (corporate owned device) and BYOD (bring your own device) environments.
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