Faast for WordPress

Online service that performs continuous analysis of your website or blog on WordPress and discovers vulnerabilities before they occur.

Did you know that 83% of WordPress websites are vulnerable to online attacks? Faast for WordPress is a service developed by ElevenPaths intended to keep your corporate websites using WordPress technology secure from cybercriminals’ attacks against the infrastructure of your server, and/or add-ons (plugins, themes…) or improperly configured web servers. Faast for WordPress helps you ensure the digital security of your business.

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Vulnerability Identification

Discover the weaknesses of your online business on time. We protect your digital assets before attacks occur.

Continuous updating

This security solution is continuously updated, integrating information on the latest attacks as well as implementing and automatizing the newest security analysis techniques.

Automated analysis

We use the latest techniques and the latest security technology to analyse your website, and these of your clients.

Easy to manage

Use our platforms and access detailed reports without the need for technical knowledge or specialized staff.

Help from our experts

Any doubts? Use our client service, managed directly by our experts.

Your security in your hands

Manage your security and that of your clients in a simple way thanks to our products and services for SMEs.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Small and medium enterprise. The 60% of SMEs that experience a cyberattack disappear in less than six months after the incident. With this tool there is no technical knwoledge needed and it allows to manage control for the protection of the business and the security of clients.

Faast now includes a new feature for IoT devices