Faast is a persistent penetration testing service that implements and automates all the latest pentesting techniques in a recursive, continuous process that reduces the time to detect security breaches.

Companies, with an increasing presence in the digital world, know that they are more exposed to receiving potential and constant attacks on their systems. Classic security audits are no longer sufficient.

That is why we are introducing Faast, a persistent pentesting technology that keeps your systems scanned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Vulnerability detection

Detection of vulnerabilities as a continuous process. Once gaps are discovered, the average to correct a gap is 103 days. Traditional security solutions have been overtaken by these evolving threats.

Evaluation of the organization assets

Evaluation of the organization assets and determines the possible vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches.

Real-life attack techniques

Customizable set of tests based on real-life attack techniques to offer a broader, rather than a targeted vision of the global security of your organization.

Identification of the assets

Identification assets exposed on the Internet and evaluation of threats that affect each system.


Prioritization assets that must be protected, informing you of the damage that an attack could cause.

Timely reports

Timely reports will help you optimize the countermeasures to be enabled.

Intended Faast Users

  • Organizations that want to improve business continuity and protect their reputation and clients, that require a greater level of security but cannot afford the cost of the necessary dedicated resources for ongoing assessment of their systems’ security.
  • Organizations that want to take proactive measures to identify which of their assets are targets of their attackers, understand why they are at risk, and use this information to improve their decision-making processes.

Faast now includes a new feature for IoT devices


Isolux Brasil Client

The security of Isolux systems is audited with our persistent pentesting technology, Faast.


Codere Client

Discover some expamples of Faast use cases.