Tacyt monitors, stores, analyzes, correlates and classifies millions of mobile apps while adding thousands of new apps every day.

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An innovative tool in the market to combat the threats of the mobile world.


Patented technology for correlation and applicable intelligence.


Dynamic App Market analysis through simple searches.

Global vision

Evaluation of the application and its circumstances: when, who, what and where.


Versatile and high-performance tool that can be accessed by companies and experts.

Tacyt brings you

  • Access to all the information associated with an application: metadata, permissions, developer, files, accessed urls, etc.
  • Query, comparison and linking of applications that share any datum indexed on the platform.
  • Detection and prevention of fraud against clients or employees (malware, adware, credential theft, breach of policies, etc.).
  • Detection of threats against a company trademark.
  • Identification of suspected patterns such as: developers with a record of fraud, applications that share certificates, etc.
  • Identification of the operating method to determine who is behind the app, other associated campaigns and applications, to ascertain their full history and anticipate upcoming attacks.

Technical features

  • Powerful cross-market and cross-platform search engine (Android and iOS) that allows to analyse and filter on the basis of different parameters: dates, size, images, relationships between apps, circumstantial data, developers, digital certificates, etc.
  • Filters that are easily created, with real-time and shareable alerts. Backed by different correlation methodologies for classifying information and simplifying research and analysis.
  • Immediate update of the applications and their circumstances as they change on the markets. Possibility to subscribe to official, public and advanced filters that are constantly upgraded.
  • Its API enables programmatic interaction with the information and communication with other software. The external APK analysis can be automated for integration with any other tool.
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