Vulnerability analyses of your mobile apps

Did you know that 90% of mobile apps contain at least a kind of known vulnerability? We present mASAPP Online, a product developed by ElevenPaths intended to perform detailed analyses of vulnerabilities and behaviors on mobile apps.

Whether you are a company or a developer, this product is made for you. With mASAPP Online you get a fast security evaluation and monitor those applications developed through SDLC processes to detect future vulnerabilities

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Its user interface and upload and analysis processes are really easy and intuitive, so you do not need to install more applications or plugins.

A complete picture of the security status of all your apps in a single place.

Tracking over the lifecycle of your mobile apps

It shows an evolution of the various app versions and new vulnerabilities, making their effective remediation and fixing easier.

It identifies and fixes security breaches by means of actionable data delivery.

Vulnerability Identification

Discover the weaknesses of your online business on time. We protect your digital assets before attacks occur.

Help from our experts

Any doubts? Use our client service, managed directly by our experts.

How does it work?

  • First of all, upload your app (perform the app upload from the user workspace as a step previous to its analysis).
  • Following this, the security analysis intended to identify vulnerabilities starts.
  • Finally, analysis results are showed. Structured and actionable information on the vulnerabilities that have been detected is showed (description, potential impact, evidences with details on the attribute identified and its path within the app, etc.), as well as a number of recommendations for their remediation.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Developers that seek a quick security assessment and behavioral optimization of their apps.
  • Entities that communicate with their clients and employees via mobile channels and need to understand the exposure of their apps to security risks.
  • Organizations that implement an SDLC process and need to monitor their applications to identify and anticipate to vulnerabilities that could materialize in the future.
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