Social networks have become an important source of intelligence that can be used to support the decision-making processes of different business areas within organisations. Aldara provides actionable intelligence by giving the answers that analysts require.

What can we do for your cyber security?



Aldara provides the required insights to make decisions.


Automatically remove the noise and spam to really understand the reach of any conversation or crisis.


Measure the impact of any profile or influencer and discover how they can help your brand.


By focusing in what really matters and removing the remaining noise.


By analyzing how people interact to map the underlying structure of conversations.

Community analysis

Identify the communities, most discussed topics, interests and groups that motivate campaigns against your brand.

Aldara allows

  • Profile contextualization: understanding profiles and identify the groups they belong to.
  • Deep conversation analysis: understanding how users interact with each other as a means of identifying the core of a conversation and sifting through the remaining noise.
  • Influencer identification and analysis: discovering new influencers by topic and evaluating the real impact of known ones.
  • Market research: analysing competitors, discovering relevant markets and identifying the most important players in each one of them.
  • Risk evaluation: identifying the groups and actors behind campaigns and analyzing their past behavior in order to evaluate the risk of a potential attack.

Technical features

  • Aggregating Data Sources: Aldara is directly connected to Twitter and can be integrated with other partners to provide access to different data sources.
  • Applying AI and Machine Learning: Aldara uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for processing both real time and batch information. Further, Aldara uses proprietary techniques to better understand how people interact.
  • Empower the Enterprise: Aldara provides dashboards and integrations with third-party enterprise tools to help analysts to better understand what is happening on social networks.
  • Providing Actionable Intelligence: the brain of Aldara has the ability to provide relevant insights that help to contextualize social profiles and conversations from the beginning.