Benchmarking & Supply Chain

Automated cyber security rating that can help any organization track its security performance against their competitors, and monitor how the security risks of its vendors evolve in real time.

  • Security benchmarking
  • Risk reduction
  • Objective communication

What can we do for your cyber security?

A new resource-effective approach to keep track of the security performance of your groups of interest

Telefónica has partnered with BitSight to offer this service that translates complex cyber security issues into simple business context, enabling faster decision making thanks to standardized visibility of cyber risks across the entire ecosystem: whether your own organization, third parties or competitors.

This is done with an approach that is non-intrusive, using only external sources, with no need to access the network or authorizations by third parties; scalable, fully automated, so it scales with your business reality; objective, measuring all organisations based on the same factors; and dynamic, with on-going risks assessment through the continuous monitoring of security performance.

In addition to this, BitSight is the only ratings solution with a third party verified correlation to breaches.


Security benchmarking

Measure impact of security processes and tools, calculating ROI of your cyber security budget and comparing your performance to your industry and specific peers.

Risk reduction

Reduce exposure to data breach making security decisions with speed and effectiveness.

Objective communication

Data-driven metrics allow an efficient and objective communication of the security posture of your organization, both internally (to the board and to other areas) and externally (to vendors and even to potential clients).

Technical features

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface that offers a quick overview of the general risk status of the client’s organisation business ecosystem.
  • API availability for programmatic access to information and the possibility of integration with third-party solutions and the organisation’s own tools.
  • Role-based access control that enables restricting user access to certain groups of companies.
  • Powerful alert engine to define different thresholds depending on the selected group of organisations.
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Our partners

ElevenPaths offers this service along with BitSight

ElevenPaths has partnered with BitSight to offer this service that translates complex cyber security issues into a simple business context, enabling faster decision making through standardized visibility of risks across the ecosystem - whether it's your own organization, third parties, or competitors.




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