Secure Personal Communications

Encryption of voice communications and instant messaging.

  • Voice calls
  • Instant messaging / Chat
  • Multidevice
  • Confidentiality
  • Easy use and management
  • Versatility and scalability
  • On Premise or SaaS

What can we do for your cyber security?

Turning public networks and conventional terminals into highly secure and private communication channels

The interception or spying of personal communications are becoming more frequent. The news on businesspeople, senior managers and highest-level positions in general whose communications have been intercepted and spied on by using, among others, non-corporate tools such as WhatsApp or Signal, which do not provide management, administration, regulatory compliance capacities, or a security guarantee in the service, are increasingly common.

Given this problem, Telefónica Cyber Security Tech offers end-to-end encryption solutions in voice communications, instant messaging and file sharing, under the proposal of Unified Secure Communications, which allows users to use their personal devices for work purposes (BYOD), and are based on an end user application installed on common devices (smartphones and PCs), and on a server application.


Double-layer Encryption

First layer enables a signaling channel over TLS. Second layer enables end-to-end encryption for all communications.

Security and Confidentiality

All data are encrypted, both in transit within any network and at rest/stored in any device.

Intuitive Use and Management

Centralised management with a simple and complete user interface, deployment and integration.


Scalable platform (instances, nodes, users, groups). Multidevice, cross-platform and compatible with multiple networks (4G, UMTS, HSPA, Wi-Fi, LAN, Sat, etc.).

2 Modalities

The platform may be implemented as SaaS or On Premise.

Technical features

  • Secure voice and conference calls, instant messaging, chat and SMS.
  • Secure file transfer (videos, pictures, audio and docs).
  • Centralised contact list.
  • Encrypted local storage for each device.
  • Multidevice. Up to 5 active devices per user/license.
  • Scheduled auto-deletion of messages and documents.
  • Offline alerts and push notifications.
  • Centralised management of users, devices and contacts.
  • Configurable and centrally managed user’s policies.
  • External calls by integration with PBX (SIP Trunk).
  • Information on contacts availability.
  • Remote data wipe if the terminal is misplaced, lost or stolen.
  • Cross-platform (Android, iOS and Windows PC).
  • Interconnection of independent instances.
  • Hardware Secure Modules (HSM) are supported.
  • Dynamic encryption during the call (military-grade encryption).
  • Customizable security parameters.
  • Integration of client proprietary encryption algorithms.
  • Digital certificate validation: (CA) X.509, AES 256 or Camelia, SHA-2 or Blake, HSM; Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

Large or medium-sized companies through a model:

  • On Premise: control and management within client's perimeter.
  • SaaS: control, security and management within Telefónica Cyber Security Tech's infrastructure without delegating to third parties.
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