SaaS Encryption

Ensure the confidentiality of your data in SaaS.

  • Confidentiality
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Client holds the encryption keys
  • Access control
  • GDPR and PCI-DSS Compliance

What can we do for your cyber security?

SaaS Encryption meets the specific needs of your organisation to protect the confidentiality of your information

Digital transformation leads companies to adopt the SaaS (Software as a Service) model in their business applications (such as Office 365 or Salesforce) to benefit from its advantages: costs, availability and accessibility. Along with these advantages, SaaS poses new challenges and threats to the confidentiality of company’s information: Can I trust my service provider? And governmental agencies? Do I still comply with regulatory requirements after moving my data to the cloud?

SaaS Encryption addresses these questions by protecting the confidentiality of company’s information on the SaaS provider's cloud.


Encrypted information

Encryption of data at rest, in transit and in use. We follow the best security practices of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) for the use of cloud services.

Confidentiality is assured

Confidentiality is assured since the client holds and manages the encryption keys, always unknown to the cloud service provider.

User experience

Transparent user experience that maintains the functionality of the application for the end user.


Support in regulatory compliance.

Footprint-free deployment

Independent and fingerprint-free deployment on the SaaS platform.

Compliance and control

Encryption process fully controlled at a single point, with encryption keys held and managed solely by the client.


Encryption (AES-256) of the data on the environment of the main SaaS providers (Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow) and client web applications.


It respects the format of the information on the application.

Accessibility and usability

Protection is applied, regardless of the device and user location.

Technical features

The incoming and outgoing traffic for the secured application is routed to a single encryption proxy located between the user and the provider clouds of the various corporate SaaS services.

  • Encryption of all the company’s data in trust infrastructure, protecting its confidentiality while the data is in transit and at rest on the application.
  • Applied encryption (AES-256) that preserves the format of the information and functionality of corporate services.
  • Client keys stored in the encryption proxy.
  • Information access through the encryption proxy.
  • Deployable adapters in the proxy infrastructure to incorporate additional services.
  • Possibility of deployment in client infrastructure.

SaaS Encryption is designed for and focused on companies that use cloud business applications and need to ensure the confidentiality of their information vis-à-vis the service provider and unauthorized third parties.

  • Companies with particularly sensitive information: intellectual and industrial property, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Companies with compliance needs: regulated, banking (PCI-DSS) sectors; companies that process personal data (GDPR).
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