Protects documentary environments using analysis, filters and metadata

Metashield Protector provides preventative solutions for all documentary environments: work stations, client, server and online service systems, allowing for the organisations the application of corporate homogenous prevention policies in treatment of the metadata.

Metashield is a set of tools that offer a comprehensive response in the application of prevention policies on the document management of an organisation.

Do you want to know more about the tools of Metashield?


Metashield Discovery Solutions

To uncover hidden metadata in files from anywhere.

Metashield File Solutions

To disclose and process metadata in equipment and servers.

Metashield Web Solutions

To process sensitive information included in files associated to web sites.

Metashield Mail Solutions

To process the information contained in email files.

Features about the tools of Metashield

Metashield Discovery Solutions

  • Metashield Management Console: New management tool for cleaning up metadata in your organisation's account.
  • Metashield Analyzer: It extracts and classifies sensitive information from files providing a determining value to anti-fraud systems in the market.
  • Metashield Forensics: The perfect solution for forensic and security analysts

Metashield File Solutions

  • Metashield for Client: A simple desktop app for cleaning metadata on client systems.
  • Metashield for File Server: Technology designed for cleaning metadata in file servers.
  • Metashield Clean-up Online: An Online Service Designed for the Analysis and Cleaning Metadata

Metashield Web Solutions

  • Metashield for IIS: A complete and secure solution for cleaning metadata on website repositories.
  • Metashield for Sharepoint: A continuous protection tool for lcleaning metadata in Microsoft® SharePoint servers.
  • Metashield for Apache: Continuous detection and cleaning of confidential metadata on web sites.
  • Metashield for ICAP: A unique protection tool against internal information leaks resulting from web servers via ICAP protocol.

Metashield Mail Solutions

  • Metashield for Exchange: A cutting-edge tool for cleaning up metadata in email attachments.
  • Metashield for Outlook: A cutting-edge tool for cleaning up metadata in email attachments.
  • Metashield for Outlook 365: Eliminates the threat of sensitive and hidden information leaks for files in Outlook 365.

Who is intended for?

  • Large companies (Corporative + console).
  • Small companies (Stand-alone).
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