SWAT Services

Proactive protection against threats and vulnerabilities with response to incidents.

  • Strategic view
  • Risk approach
  • Alignment with the objectives
  • Organisational resilience
  • Certifiable management systems

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Auditing/Hacking Incident Response S-SDLC Awareness

What can we do for your cyber security?

Prevention and response to incidents

Telefónica Cyber Security Tech addresses security from design and during the entire software lifecycle to avoid many security incidents.

In the same way, we analyze the vulnerabilities of the systems and respond to incidents by minimizing their impact.

Those incidents caused by human factors are one of the most common concerns that our clients report us when addressing their security processes. Through our awareness methodology, we offer a solution that minimizes this risk and quantitatively measures the degree to which our clients' employees are prepared to face the constant attacks they are exposed to.


Strategic view

Risk approach

Alignment with the objectives

Organisational resilience

Certifiable management systems

Auditing / Hacking

It is essential to determine the level of exposure to threats through a timely detection and adequate management of the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities that affect your assets

Telefónica Cyber Security Tech provides its clients with the capability to analyze and assess organisations’ security with the aim of identifying potential vulnerabilities in their assets, knowing the level of external / internal security within an organisation, as well as the risks it is exposed to. That’s why we use various techniques ranging from analyzes of web or mobile applications, intrusion tests, Bug Bounty services, cyber exercises or social engineering campaigns, among others.

Incident Response

Adequate response to incidents minimizes the impact and reduces the losses caused by security incidents

Telefónica Cyber Security Tech helps its clients to respond to incidents in a fast, efficient and adapted way to their business. This response will be tailored at all times to the changing nature of threats, attack techniques and to those attackers that make each response a craft work and needs a leading team such as Telefónica Cyber Security Tech to be able to fix it, so that the client can get back to normal with minimum impact.


A large number of current attacks are due to errors in development. To avoid this, it is necessary to include security in the -1 minute of software development.

Telefónica Cyber Security Tech helps its clients to apply a S-SDLC methodology that involves security in each and every stage of the design, from the initial training for all the development teams, to the security activities to be carried out in the different phases and to the security applicable in the maintenance of the developed software.


Risk awareness is a great step in protecting an organisation and focuses security on the biggest risk factor of an organisation: The human

We help our clients to design, execute and impart communication, training and awareness plans in information security by tailoring ourselves to the various profiles and always focusing on objectives. Telefónica Cyber Security Tech offers its clients an awareness methodology that we have been using for more than 10 years and whose main principles are: definition of objectives, measurement and assessment as well as adaptation to our clients’ various realities.

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Security Strategy

Identifying risks and defining security strategy

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Identifying the regulatory GAP and helping enforce the applicable regulation