Security Strategy

Identifying risks and defining security strategy.

  • Strategic view
  • Risk approach
  • Alignment with the objectives
  • Organisational resilience
  • Certifiable management systems

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Cyber Security Master Plan Risk Analysis Business Continuity Regulatory Compliance

What can we do for your cyber security?

We help you face your security challenges

Thanks to our consulting service we allow our clients to face security challenges by a complete alignment with business and their objectives while maintaining a multidisciplinary risk approach.

Guaranteeing continuity in operations is an imperative on which the survival of any business depends. That’s why from Telefónica Cyber Security Tech we help our clients achieve the degree of resilience necessary to guarantee this continuity.

We address security management and make the best decisions through the adaptation and compliance with the different applicable security regulations.


Strategic view

Risk approach

Alignment with the objectives

Organisational resilience

Certifiable management systems

Cyber Security Master Plan

In order to define your cyber security strategy, it is necessary to analyze several factors: sector in which you operate, the socio-political environment, your competition, the services you offer, current security or the risks to which you are exposed. Likewise, being aware of the market solutions and services to respond to needs will be a key factor.

Risk Analysis

Analyzing and managing risks allow us to find the opportunity and move away a little more from failure.

The formal process of risk analyzes is the necessary mechanism to know in depth the risks that affect our business. From a deep and methodological analysis, Telefónica Cyber Security Tech may help you - through its knowledge about risks - reach the level of security appropriate to the business and justify the investment as subjectively as possible.

Business Continuity

Ensuring business continuity involves the continuous and dynamic adaptation of the business to those incidents that affect its availability.

Having a business continuity management system helps organisations be prepared in case of incidents and manage them to ensure the availability of their services. Telefónica Cyber Security Tech, thanks to its proven methodological approach aligned with the main international standards, helps its clients achieve the necessary resilience to guarantee their survival in any contingency scenario.

Regulatory Compliance

Through regulatory compliance, organisations avoid and prevent the most common risks by following a set of established standards.

To ensure compliance with the applicable regulations, Telefónica Cyber Security Tech offers its clients the creation of a single regulatory body: the GAP analysis intended to examine the degree of compliance, the implementation of rules that are not currently in force and the internal audit to evaluate formally compliance with the regulatory body.

  • Regulatory body design
  • GAP analysis
  • Implementation
  • Internal audit
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Compliance & Privacy

Identifying the regulatory GAP and helping enforce the applicable regulation.


SWAT Services

Proactive protection against threats and vulnerabilities with response to incidents.

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