Cloud Security Assessment Express (CSAs)

Security Analysis in the Cloud Field.

  • Current security analysis
  • Client’s context
  • CSP functionalities
  • Cloud assets awareness
  • Control over the cloud environment
  • Output report in 2 weeks

What can we do for your cyber security?

Find Out your Cloud Security Level

What assets do I have on my cloud environments? Do they comply with my internal security policies?

How are they configured? Are they at risk?

What are the security-related possibilities offered by my provider?

How can I improve my current situation?

To answer all these questions, we offer our clients a Cloud Security Assessment Express (CSAs) service that allows them to obtain a first view of their security in the cloud field. In this way, we analyze their context and propose them improvement efforts to help our clients understand their current status in terms of security.


Awareness Raising

Being aware of the assets in the cloud in a clear way and understanding how they are configured is essential to be able to apply good practices.

CSP Functionalities

Understanding the security-related functionalities offered by the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) to make the most of them.

Cloud Environment Control

Set of controls to be applied in the cloud environment, identifying good practices and detecting configuration issues.

Output Report

Drawing up and presenting a report in two weeks, with enriched results tailored to the clients’ context.

Business context and architecture

  • Identify those responsible.
  • Assets and dependencies (High-Level Design – HLD).
  • PIA revision (if personal data).
  • BIA definition.
  • Assets modeling.

Cloud security evaluation

  • Selection of control set.
  • Validation and implementation of status tests performed over the control set.

Results contextualization

  • Contextualization results.
  • Prioritization based on severity, complexity and efforts.
  • Recommendation for solutions to improve the security status.
  • Presentation of results.

Who is this service aimed at?

  • Companies that have launched their cloud adoption process need to:
  • Understand the new cloud security paradigm (shared responsibility model).
  • Comprehend the new native services.
  • Be aware of the importance of services configuration and their impact on security.
  • Be advised by experts in Cloud Security.
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