Political Cyberattacks: Advanced Malware Against the Turkish Government

Political Cyberattacks: Advanced Malware Against the Turkish Government

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After 100GB leak of emails from the AKP Party of Turkey, many security experts agreed that they contained malware . What is not commonly known is that this political party has been the target of massive malicious email campaigns.

Vulnerable configurations on mail servers were capitalised on by means of social engineering techniques through the use of trusted senders. Samples of ransomware and banking trojan horses have also been identified, which possibly originate from cyber-crime sources when sharing infrastructure with numerous campaigns worldwide.

A large number of different extensions have been identified, all of which have commonly been used in the spread of malware. Specifically, Office documents extensions (Word or PowerPoint), documents to be read using Acrobat Reader, compressed files in different formats and even Javascript files, have been identified.

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