Trend report “The biggest data leaks of the second third of 2016″

Trend report “The biggest data leaks of the second third of 2016″

ElevenPaths’ analyst team updates you on the largest data breaches trends. Don’t miss out on this research report where you will find the analysis corresponding to the second third of 2016. Download the full report here!

If the rise of major leaked databases had already been significant during the first quarter of 2016, the systematic publication of incidents throughout the second quarter not only maintained the trend seen until then but multiplied the number of exposed accounts.

In addition, the high profile of the affected platforms made it evident that not even major companies are safe from an incident of these characteristics and that the possibilities of controlling the spread after such an incident are limited once the security leak has been consummated.

In that period, we cannot state that the attacks were mostly motivated by hacktivist purposes; on the contrary, they were able to be related to other cybercriminal practices aimed at the monetization of leaks by either selling them or through extortion.
The scope of this document is the compilation of the information leaks that occurred throughout the second third of 2016, between May 1 and August 31, 2016. Find out all the details of the research report.

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