Report “Demographic Analysis of Google Play″

Report “Demographic Analysis of Google Play″

Download our new report “Demographic Analysis of Google Play″.

This report shows that Tacyt had dissected a total of 3,365,527 applications from the Google Play Store, of which only 2,438,864 remained available for download on the market.

The study conducted by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team aims to study the population of developers and applications in the Google Play Store in early February 2016, to determine its size, structure, evolution and general characteristics from a quantitative point of view.

The report shows:

  • The extremely high variability of the Google Play applications market. It can be said that the daily average of new applications amounts to 4,500 and it has kept steady with little variation.
  • The lax policy on the identification of apps developers Google Play has kept ever since its inception.
  • Several security risks caused by the poor management of certificates made by some developers in the Google Play Store.
  • A scantly strict management of digital certificates can give way to the mutation of applications.

Certificates are a critical component of the security of applications being uploaded to the Google Play Store. This report shows through the use of numbers that Google Play facilitates the abuse of this concept and this might lead to situations where such identification becomes compromised.

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