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Investigation reports on Cybersecurity.

In digital world, where cyber threats are evolving day by day, knowing the attackers is crucial. That is why at ElevenPaths we turn information into intelligence, to design security strategies in the business world. Our team of analysts updates you on a regular basis through proactive investigation reports and helps you to face these new challenges and make a right decision. Follow our cybersecurity reports and be the first to discover what is happening in the sector.

When preparing CyberIntelligence Report, the analysts use monitoring tools that get information from open source and they also apply analysis methodologies to anticipate potential threats. Therefore, the work they carry out involves interpretation of obtained information in order to provide with the most exact approximation on implications of the recent security threats of high-impact , as well as their consequences for individuals and companies from different sectors.

Sep 2020

Aug 2020

Jul 2020

COVID-19: Insight from the Telco Security Alliance

Three of the members of the TSA have joined together to create this report through their respective cybersecurity units. The report covers noteworthy discoveries related to COVID-19 in the cyber domain.

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Jun 2020

Mar 2020

Feb 2020

Report: Cybersecurity Trends for 2020

What attacks are we going to see over the next few months? What technologies will be most important in relation to cyber security? We tell you in this new report.

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APTualizer (II): tools to detect and remove the Necurs rootkit

Second part of the report on APTualizer, the malware that patches Windows. In this issue, we look at Necurs, a giant malicious botnet that controls around 6 million infected computers around the world.

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Trend Report: Hacktivist Cyberthreats 2019

The threats of so-called hacktivism became very important during the last year supporting ideological movements. In this report we highlight the most relevant ones.

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Jan 2020

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Oct 2019

Sep 2019

Trend Report: Binary Leaks

Our CSA team analyzes the current security status of applications provided by Spanish-speaking governments.

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Dec 2018

Twitter botnets detection in sports events

We have analyzed two different Twitter conversations and identified the behavior of several groups of profiles with automatic and non-standard activity.

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Nov 2018

Global Banking Cyber Report

This report aims to give an overview of some of the digital threats for one of the most trusted and important industries: the banking industry.

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May 2018

Feb 2018

Oct 2017

Sep 2017

Threats to the Electoral Process in Germany

On this report we explain how the German government has been affected by cyberattacks, phising and miss information all leading to the October 24th elections. Download it!

In the last few months, different governmental

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Jul 2017

Twitter interaction during UK Elections

In this report we analyse the Twitter conversations during June 8 of this year, the day when the UK general elections took place. Find out more!

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Jun 2017

Threats to the Iranian Electoral Process

We present a new section with reports about electorals cyber risks. In this installment we show you Iran case. Are you going to miss it?

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Nov 2016

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Jun 2016

RansomCloud O365 report

Discover how could be the new generation of Ransomware and protect yourself in time.

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May 2016

Apr 2016

Mar 2016

Report “Demographic Analysis of Google Play″

Download our new report “Demographic Analysis of Google Play″.

This report shows that Tacyt had dissected a total of 3,365,527 applications from the Google Play Store, of which only 2,438,864 remained available for download on the market.

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Feb 2016

Report “Cyberextortion, a Growing Industry”

Download the new report that discover there is an increasing tendency towards aggression in numerous cyber-attacks, notably those using some method of extortion in particular.

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Jan 2016

Dec 2015

New trend report “2015: the Year of information Leaks”

You can now download the report conducted by the ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team.          

2015 has been distinguished by a large number of security breaches, which has posed a threat to both its users and other companies.

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Oct 2015

Financial Threats Report conducted by Kaspersky Labs and Telefónica

You can now download the full Financial Threats Report conducted by Kaspersky Labs and Telefónica.

This report analyzes the current trends related to financial phishing and banking malware, including attacks on mobile devices, POS (Point of Sales) systems and ATMs. It

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“Insecurity of IoT” report carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team

You can now download the full report about “Insecurity in the Internet of Things” carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team.

In the past six months potential insecurity within the Internet of Things (IoT) has been regularly making news headlines, from hacking planes, cars,

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Jul 2015

Trend Ransomware Report carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team

Don´t miss the Telefónica Trend Report on Ransomware to know more about  the current situation of ransomware and its future development, as well as to explore the mechanics of a ransomware attack. The reports also shows some best practices of

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Jun 2015

Telefónica Trend Report on Point Of Sale (POS) Malware 2015

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are one of the most critical components in any retail industry, remaining the main entry point of consumer data into merchants’ information environment. POS malware targets the weak link in PCI-DSS.

The Telefónica Trend Report on POS Malware

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