Security Innovation Day

Welcome to Security Innovation Day, the Annual Event on Innovation on Cybersecurity

Security Innovation Day is our cybersecurity innovation event of the year, aimed at information security professionals, CSOs, CIOs and CISOs, it brings together speakers, innovation and the presentation of our key strategic lines.

"Game is Never Over" is the theme in this 6th edition of Security Innovation Day.

What is the relationship between the world of video games and the world of cybersecurity? The link is in the need to develop a skill, make use of intelligence and establish a strategy to be protected in the virtual environment. Both worlds are infinite, they require a team on guard trying to anticipate, detect, protect and respond to possible threats.

In our world, security is infinite. At ElevenPaths, we want to go as far as possible in every challenge and opportunity. That's why we develop innovation to deal with threats, attacks and, of course, protect our allies. Game Is Never Over. Time for Real Security.

During the event, we announced this cybersecurity news:

  • Stela FileTrack, a new solution to protect organization’s sensitive documentary information.
  • The Telefónica’s SOC located in Madrid, a highly-qualified incident response team available 24x7.
  • Faast for WordPress and mASAPP Online, focused on online sales, are put on the market.
  • New IoT security services, based on Telefónica’s SOCs strengths.
  • RightsKeeper, it allows to manage shared documents, restricting or removing editing or access permissions, even though they have already been delivered.
  • Connected Car, an application joining three IoT services (credentials provision, anomalies detection and secure DNS) on the connected car environment.

Security Innovation Day 2018

If you want to know all that we presented during the event download the session’s presentations or watch them online on the Security Day 2018 YouTube channel.

If you want to know all that we presented click here.

Security Innovation Day 2018 Agenda - Game is Never Over.

Security Innovation Day 2018 YouTube channel.

SID2018. Welcome + Opening: Keynote.
Pedro Pablo Pérez and Julia Perea.

SID2018.On the path towards an Intelligent MSSP.
Ester Tejedor and Alberto Sempere.

SID2018.Our princess is "always" in another castle: Chasing Innovation.
Sergio de los Santos and Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón.

SID2018.Beyond Innovation.
Yaiza Rubio and Rames Sarwat.

SID2018.Closing speach.
Chema Alonso and Martina Matarí.