Welcome to Security Innovation Day, the Annual Event on Innovation on Cybersecurity

Security Innovation Day is our cybersecurity innovation event of the year, aimed at information security professionals, CSOs, CIOs and CISOs, it brings together speakers, innovation and the presentation of our key strategic lines.

"Security Rocks!" is the theme in this 5th edition of Security Innovation Day.

During the event, we announced the integration of the SealSign platform with Microsoft Azure Key Vault, thanks to the Gradiant technology. The integration will provide users with improved storage, scalability and availability with a saving of implementation costs of up to 80%.

In addition, we also introduce new cybersecurity solutions:

  • SS-WIFI, a solution that allows organizations to know what users connect to their Wi-Fi, identifying them through their mobile telephone number.
  • Improvements in navigation security for users though the high-quality Telefonica routers.
  • Faast solution for WordPress, persistent pentesting which allows organizations to reduce the time needed to detect security breaches within WordPress.
  • Signbox, a solution which allows, amongst other things, the definition of signature flows when many individuals take part.
  • “Codename Path8”, a solution for the protection of organization’s sensitive documentary information, adding a layer of traceability which allows online visibility of the complete life cycle of each document.

Security Innovation Day 2017

If you want to know all that we presented during the event download the session’s presentations or watch them online on the Security Innovation Day 2017 YouTube channel.

If you want to have a look the informative notice click here.

Security Innovation Day 2017 Agenda - Security Rocks! Link

Security Innovation Day 2017 YouTube Channel. Video

SID2017. Welcome + Keynote: Security Rocks! Pedro Pablo Pérez, Laura Iglesias, Chema Alonso and Yaiza Rubio. VideoLinkLink

SID2017. Security 4All. Alberto Sempere, Antonio Vila and Alicia Hurtado. VideoLink

SID2017. Partnerships : Delivery Mode. Rames Sarwat, Isabel López, Igor Luvik, Luis Freire, Jaume Ayerbe and Pablo San Emeterio. VideoLink

SID2017. Innovation: A Path to Success. Sergio de los Santos and José Torres. VideoLink

SID2017. Special Guest: Mikko Hyppönen. Video

SID2017. Closing Session. Pedro Pablo Pérez, Laura Iglesias and Juan Hernández. Video

Earlier editions

"Let Security Be_" is our claim of the fourth Telefónica Security Innovation Day 2016.

Our real challenge is to create a path towards a more secure future with solutions that allow us to be always one setp ahead of all kinds of attackes in the cybercrime industry. This is achieved by betting on innovation and forming alliances with the big players of the market.

Here you can download the presentations of various sessions and watch them in video format on our Security Innovation Day 2016 Youtube channel.

Agenda Security Innovation Day 2016. Let Security Be. Link

SID2016. Welcome. Jose Luis Gilpérez. VideoLink

SID2016. Keynote. Pedro Pablo Pérez. VideoLink

SID2016. Strength Lies in Unity. Francisco Ginel. VideoLink

SID2016. ElevenPaths Partners Program. Rames Sarwat. VideoLink

SID2016. Innovation: The Road To a More Secure Future. Chema Alonso. VideoLink

SID2016. Four Eyes See More Than Two. Alberto Sempere, David Prieto y Nikolaos Tsouroulas. VideoLink

SID2016. Innovation. Hugh Thompson (invitado especial). VideoLink