Security Day

Welcome to our annual event on security where we present our latest technologies.

Security Day is our annual event devoted to security. It has become a landmark in cybersecurity and ICT at national level. Each May you have a date with ElevenPaths!

Security Day 2017 - Cybersecurity Beats_

In recent years, companies have clearly experienced an orientation to the digital world. They are constantly facing new threats against their systems to access their information. At ElevenPaths, we believe in responding with the same disruption to cybercriminals’ new attack techniques.

Share a morning with us and discover our security tools designed to get a feel for your company’s information systems.

We hope that you can join us on Wednesday, May 31st at the Telefónica Auditorium, Madrid.

Earlier editions

Security Day 2016 - Security Evolution_

"Security Evolution" the theme of the third Security Day. In the event we presented our new strategic alliances and technology integrations together with our experts and partners. For the last three years Security Day has become a reference in cybersecurity and ICT sector at the national level.

Besides that we annouced the new nomination of Chema Alonso as ElevenPaths’ Chairman and the nomination of Pedro Pablo Pérez as new CEO of ElevenPaths.

You can now download the session’s presentations or watch them online on the Security Day YouTube channel.

Bienvenida. By Chema Alonso & Jose Luis Gilpérez. Video

Global Security Keynote. By Chema Alonso. VideoLink

Unidos somos más fuertes. By Francisco Ginel. VideoLink

Unidos somos más fuertes. By Acacio Martínez (Fortinet). Video

Unidos somos más fuertes. Virtual Patching. By Víctor Mundilla. VideoLink

Unidos somos más fuertes. Metashield for ICAP. By Antonio Bordón. VideoLink

Unidos somos más fuertes. SandaS. By David Prieto. Video Link

Ciberseguridad industrial. By David Prieto y Antonio Gil. Video Link

Firma digital en tu organización. By Rames Sarwat y Joseba García Celada. Video Link

Hack Your Future: Latch & Sinfonier Contests. By Pedro Pablo Pérez. Video Link Link Link Link

Cómo luchar contra un Panamá Paper. By Pedro Pablo Pérez y Jesús Milán. Video Link

Video Playlist