Securidy Day

Welcome to Security Day, annual event on cybersecurity where we present our latest news about our newest technologies

Security Day is our annual event devoted to security. It has become a landmark in cybersecurity and ICT at national level. Every May make sure to book this date in with ElevenPaths!

Security Day 2018 - Cybersecurity On Board

"Cybersecurity On Board" is the motto of the fifth edition of our Security Day.

At present, the attacks suffered by companies are constant, damaging their reputations, privacy and trust, which directly affects their business.

We accompany our clients in this journey to protect their most precious assets, and to ensure that they have the security measures which they require.

'Cybersecurity On Board' is our motto; an intrinsic value which is tied to all of our company products that materializes in a journey from beginning to end. It creates a seal of quality for companies, so that they trust us to direct them whilst they continually grow. This is a journey in which ElevenPaths accompanies its clients, until they reach the maturity to manage the security by themselves.

During the event, we announced that ElevenPaths further strengthens its reputation as a cybersecurity services provider.

In addition, we also introduce cybersecurity news:

  • Telefónica consolidates as Intelligent Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
  • Important agreement with McAfee to bring security for our clients homes and 'Conexión Segura' becomes a reality.
  • Launch of the Telco Security Alliance to accelerate the innovation and share intelligence on real time between Etisalat, Singtel, Softbank and Telefónica.
  • 'Cybersecurity On Board': a motto which ElevenPaths shows its clients the ability to accompany them on the journey towards their safety.

Security Day 2018

If you want to know all that we presented during the event download the session’s presentations or watch them online on the Security Day 2018 YouTube channel.

If you want to know all that we presented click here.

Agenda Security Day 2018 - Cybersecurity On Board.

Security Day 2018 YouTube channel.

SD2018. Welcome.
Pedro Pablo Pérez and José Luis Gilpérez.

SD2018. Security Keynote. Welcome on board!
Chema Alonso.

SD2018. Keep updated, keep safe. New Products.
Alberto Sempere, Elisabeth Iglesias, David Prieto, Juan Antonio Gil, NIkolaos Tsouroulas.

SD2018. Learning experiences. Clients talk about us.
José Luis Domínguez, Juan Hernández Orea and Miguel de Castro.

SD2018. Sharing the effort. Alliances & Partnerships.
Pablo Alarcón, experiences of Logtrust (Fernando Lalanda, Sales Director), Panda (Vicente Martín, Preventa Director), Govertis (Eduard Chaveli, General Manager & Legal Services Director), Telefónica (Lluis Martinez Pons, HPE VP and GAM), and SealPaths (Luis Ángel Del Valle, CEO).

SD2018. Start with us. Innovation Ecosystem.
Rames Sarwat, Eva Suarez, Sergio de los Santos and Miguel Rego.

SD2018. Closing Keynote.
Yaiza Rubio.