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SDK Go for Latch by Fran Ramírez and Rafael Troncoso

September 27, 2017. In this webinar, our expert Fran Ramírez, with a special guest Rafael Troncoso, explains how to create SDK for Go, Google programming language. We have already applied it in Latch. Do you want to know how it works? Learn it with the experts!

#CodeTalks4Devs: SDK de Go para Latch por Fran Ramírez y Rafael Troncoso

ElevenPaths has published several Latch SDKs for different programming languages such as: Python, Java or .NET. among others, however there wasn’t anyone for Go, a language created by Google which popularity has increased big time lately.

Rafael Troncoso, one of the @cyberhadesblog editors and administrators, has implemented a non official SDK for such language. In the next video, we will see a very simple proof of concept about how to protect a service written in Go with Latch. The video will also show the most basic operations available in the SDK like pairing up or eliminating a pairing, but also how to protect  an application by using the Latch bolt.

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