RSA Conference

We return to the RSA Conference humanizing Security on a global level in the fourth consecutive year

The RSA Conference is a great international event about security. The conference, which will be held in San Francisco from March 4th to 8th, draw over 50,000 attendees per year of the sector participating in hands-on sessions, keynotes and informal gatherings and it has more than 600 exhibitors from the most important companies.

Humanaizing Security in Booth South #241

In a true revolution era, the importance of humanaizing security and techonologies is ever more paramount. There is still a long way from making people feel comfortable with managing their identity and privacy in the digital world they live. Technology in general and cybersecurity in particular need to relate in a more humane way to people. Otherwise, we will resist adopting them, we will not understand them and we will not be able to take advantage of all they offer.

From ElevenPaths, we are focus on ensuring that people and companies have full confidence and embrace the latest digital technologies.

Telefónica, The Intelligent MSSP

Our demos: what are we going to show?

  • CapaciCard: protect your accounts, access your banking service and authorize banking transactions just by tapping with a plastic card.
  • SmartPattern: join all your website logins and leave behind passwords.
  • DIARIO: intelligent analysis of office documents by using machine learning to detect malwares.
  • CLIP: it is a technology-user combination, thanks to a full immersion in technological environments that are thereby humanized. It creates a unit that ensures user security, so protecting data privacy and providing a mechanism to verify the identity in an intuitive and comfortable manner.
  • HoneyPot: through different IoT devices (probably, an IP camera and a router), this demo will present an attack that will be displayed on the HoneyPot IoT dashboard, while providing details such as the attack origin, the amount of attacks received, etc.
  • Stela FileTrack: the solution to protect organizations’ sensitive documentary information. It adds an additional tracking layer that allows to view online the whole life cycle of each document at any time.
  • Sandas GRC: we will show the capabilities of the platform for the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance within industrial environments, as well as the Operation Technologies.
  • Dinoflux: automatized malware analysis that generates intelligence to be downloaded in security devices (IDS, IPS, Firewall, etc.), so helping towards an early threat detection.
  • Alerts and incidents’ management (ThreatConnect): this demo exhibits the Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), used by the SOCs of Telefónica to centralize intelligence and enrich detected incidents with intelligent information which allows a more effective response to incidents involving SOCs.

Telefonica USA team will be attending the event due to the largest commercial presence in the US is in Miami, Florida, where we operate the Miami KeyCenterTM, only TIER III Data Center in South Florida providing best in class Cloud and Security services.

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If you have any questions or would like to receive more information you can get in touch via email: rsaconference@telefonica.com