Past events

Feb 2018

HackRon 2018

Once again, this congress brings worldwide known experts together under the computer security panorama. Pablo González and Pablo San Emeterio will give many workshops about Metasploit and initiation to exploiting, and Chema Alonso will participate via videoconference.

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Incibe: Secure Internet Act 2018

On Tueday, February 6th, the National Cybersecurity Institute will celebrate the Secure Internet Day. The intelligence analyst, Yaiza Rubio, will participate in this act giving a speech inspired in Madrid.

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Jan 2018

TIC Fórum Guatemala

Our CSA (Chief Security Ambassador), Fabián Chiera, will participate in this event giving a presentation about Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that began to operate in 2009.

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TIC Forum 2018 San Salvador

Fabián Chiera, ElevenPath’s Chief Security Ambassador, participates in this referential event for companies, businesses and government agencies, where Bitcoins will be analyzed and their way of operating.

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Sh3llcon 2018

In the 4th edition of Cantabria Security Congress our Chairman Chema Alonso and the experts Pablo González, Pablo San Emeterio and Álvaro Núñez-Romero Casado will go into detail on pentesting in Windows systems, Arducky workshops and malware.

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Yaiza Rubio, intelligence analyst and one of our #MujeresHacker, will take part in this conference about security and cyberdefense with the presentation of “Blockchain y el gato de Schrödinger”.

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TIC Forum 2018 Mexico

CSA Diego Espitia participates in the event TIC Forúm, space which new trends in technology and telecommunications are presented. He will talk about how cyberattacks happen and their history.

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Dec 2017

ElevenPaths Talks Special Edition FOCA

Do you know the news of FOCA Open Source? Our expert, Pablo González, tells you about the improvements of this new version, capable of automating the detection process.

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Code Talks for Devs

Javier Alcaraz tells us his project of the Final Degree in which he explains how to integrate Latch into devices like the router to cope with the cyber threats of the network.

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ElevenPaths Talks: Open Data… much to see

Learn about Open Data concept and legal implication to those who use this public information with our experts Gabriel Bergel and Diego Espitia.

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Nov 2017

SEC/ADMIN 2017 Event

Our experts Pablo San Emeterio and Pablo González will participate in this event that will be held in Sevilla on november 24th and 25th. Lets meet in southern Spain!

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ElevenPaths Talks: Security in Mobile Telephony Systems

Next Thursday, November 23, don’t miss your appointment with our CSAs Claudio Caracciolo and Rames Sarwat. They will talk about security in mobile telephony systems. Learn with our experts!

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#Cybersec17: Digital Revolution Catalyst

Our expert and CSA, Pablo San Emeterio, will participate in the following event about the current demand in cybersecurity and the need to increase investment and experts in this sector. Register now!

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Code Talks for Devs: Latch Cloud TOTP in NodeJS and .NET

If you´re still not a Latch user and don´t know the features of Temporary OTP, join this webinar in which our expert in programming will teach you how to manage the TOTP tokens as 2FA. Don’t miss out!

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RoadSec, the Biggest Hacker Event in Latam

Our CSA Claudio Caracciolo with developper Sheila Ayelen Berta will travel to Brazil for a conference about “The Bicho: an Advanced Car Backdoor Maker”. Know more here!

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Oct 2017

8.8 Lucky Peru and Chile

Our CSAs Gabriel Bergel and Claudio Caracciolo will join to 8.8 Lucky conference on October 20th and 26th. In Peru, Gabriel will give a conference about BioHacking, while Claudio will talk about The Bicho: an Advanced Car Backdoor, in Chile.

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Iberoamerican Conference on Business Continuity DRJ

Our CSA Claudio Caracciolo will travel to Colombia on October 19th to participate on the Iberoamerican DRJ Business Continuity Conference. He will speak on how to learn Ukemis to surpass a cyberattack. Register here!

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Sep 2017


On September 27th, 28th and 29th, Ekoparty, the annual event of cybersecurity will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our CSA Claudio Caracciolo will participate in a keynote called: The bicho: an advanced car backdoor maker. Stay tuned!

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TIC Forum 2017 Mexico

Telefónica handles TIC Fórum, an event where you will be able to know the newest trends in telecommunications. On September 24th our CSA Diego Espitia will participate in some of the talks. Don’t miss it!

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RootedCON Valencia

On September 15-16th don’t miss the RootedValencia 2017 congress on cybersecurity. Many of our experts will participate giving trainings and differents presentations on the subject. Inroll!

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Security Innovation Day 2017_Chile

On September 6th, the Security Innovation Day will take place for the first time in Chile, the year’s major cybersecurity event. Chema Alonso, Rames Sarwat and Gabriel Bergel will participate in the event. Don’t miss it!

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5th Summit País Digital Chile

This event will be attended by our Chairman Chema Alonso on its 5th edition and will take place on the 5th and 6th of september in Chile. Put it on the agenda!

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Jul 2017

DefCON Hacking Conference

From July 27 to 30 starts this event in which our intelligence analysts, Yaiza Rubio and Felix Brezo, will take part in it. In this lecture they will talk about the investigation framework for monitoring. Write on your note!

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BlackHat Hacking Conference

Four workmates from ElevenPaths will go to Las Vegas to take part in this event from July 22-27: Felix Brezo and Yaiza Rubio from Madrid and Claudio Caracciolo and Sheila A. Berta from Buenos Aires. Don´t miss it!

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Jun 2017

EuskalHack Security Congress II

Our intelligence analysts Yaiza Rubia and Felix Brezo will participate this week in the EuskalHack Congress II, where they will train the security anaylists about the limitations on the realization of illegal attribution activities that take place in the web.

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