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Oct 2018

Cybercrime is delighted to attack individuals and SMEs

Cybersecurity 100% doesn´t exist, and that makes the sector, with 1.1 million new threats a week, strategic. Don’t miss the interview with Pedro Pablo Perez, CEO of ElevenPaths and protagonist of the #SomosMujeresTech dialogues.

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Sep 2018

Hackers Strip Companies

The new data protection regulations oblige companies to make public the cyber attacks that they receive. This has made it possible to discover that these attacks are much more common than what we think.

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Total protection doesn’t exist

Pedro Pablo Pérez, our CEO and security director at Telefónica, warns that there is a lack of awareness against cybercrime. Companies are currently being criminalized, not hackers.

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The ‘Wild Wild West’ of the 21st century

Pedro Pablo Pérez defends that cybersecurity is a digital risk but also an opportunity for work and investment. The key is that the impact has to be minimal and you have to recover as quickly as possible.

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Interview with our Chairman Chema Alonso

“It is unthinkable the amount of data used to improve our lives,” says Chema Alonso in this interview where he defends the proper use of data, but warns of “the construction of false realities to manipulate society.”

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Interview with Gabriel Bergel, CSA of ElevenPaths

Our Chief Security Ambassador, Founder and organizer of the 8.8 Computer Security Conference reviews in this interview that took place in Russia his professional career.

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Aug 2018

ElevenPaths Talks: The Art of Deception

In this webinar we are going to try to approach Social Engineering from the tools, as well as the demonstration of different demos and proofs of concept.

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Telefónica reinvent business models with blockchain

The CSA Fabián Chiera declares that blockchain is not a technology that is going to change many things, it has already changed them but we don´t know all these changes.

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Jul 2018

Jun 2018

Our paper about Hidden Networks published at Exploit Database

Paper about “Discovering and Plotting Hidden Networks created with USB Devices” written by our Chairman Chema Alonso, and Pablo González, Carmen Torrano and Fran Ramírez experts has been published at Exploit DataBase.

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These are the cybersecurity ‘influencers’ in Spain

Our Chairman Chema Alonso, Global Chief Digital Security Officer at Telefónica, Alejandro Ramos, and CDO, expert Pablo González Pérez, in the top 25 influencers in cybersecurity during the IDG Security Day event.

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The journalist who became the first hacker in Spain

According to Yaiza, “hackers are dedicated to finding flaws in security and trying to stop the software from being vulnerable so that people have better security”.

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Telefónica backs global approach to IoT protection

Vicente Segura, Head of IoT Security at Telefónica, said that “Mobile operators can help protect IoT networks by developing a security model which can be adapted to specific verticals”.

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Cybersecurity Pulse 2018-06-12

Changing stereotypes in the security sector. Ripples of outrage spread last week after women in red evening gowns were seen promoting a product at the Infosecurity Europe 2018.

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By profession, hacker

Our intelligence analyst and hacker, Yaiza Rubio, talks about hacker’s job and security analyst, as well as the digitalization process that organizations are currently leading.

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May 2018

Security Day 2018 – Cybersecurity On Board

Next May 30, do not miss the fifth edition of our annual cybersecurity event. This year our motto is ‘Cybersecurity On Board’, will you be on board?

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Google’s project to fight election attacks

The attacks were triggered during the elections. In this way, Jigsaw, a technological incubator which is Google’s parent company, has released Project Shield, a free tool for DDoS protection.

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Telefónica hacks cybercriminals

It uses a defense system based on counterintelligence that makes cyber attackers think that they have managed to breach the network. The objective is to collect data to learn from cybercrime.

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Cybersecurity Pulse 2018-05-15

The dispute of the legislation which prevents the federal government of the United States from demanding companies to design their technology with backdoors. 

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CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-05-01

A new malware which utilizes the EternalRomance tool has appeared on the scene along with Monero-mining.

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Apr 2018

CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-04-17

Facebook launched a new program ‘Data Abuse Bounty’ in order to find application developers that are misusing data, after the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

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ElevenPaths Talks: A little of DDoS and the tools to stop the attacks

The denial of service attacks is a worry for both any public entity and business organization whose business processes are network-based. During this #11PathsTalk, we will talk about the different attack techniques and the defense strategies which they use.

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New Season of ElevenPaths Talks

We present season four of webinars featuring our CSAs in which we will talk about cybersecurity and current affairs in the sector. We have a new talk format. Don’t miss out!

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CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-04-03

The USA want to ask visa applicants to provide details of their social networks to extend the background screening nowadays.

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Mar 2018

CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-03-20

A postmortem of the Olympic Destroyer malware used in the PyeongChang Olympics attack reveals a deliberate attempt by adversaries to plant a false flags when it comes to attribution.

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Upgrades to Facebook’s link security

Facebook changes the rules of the “HSTS” with an interesting preload on its own website. To justify this, among other reasons, it mentions our research presented at the BlackHat and RootedCON events.

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Code Talks for Devs: PHP Latch integration

In this last Additional #CodeTalks4Devs, we will explain the integration of Latch in PHP and how easy it was to develop it for everyday applications.

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Cybersecurity, huge obsession of the companies

Our CEO, Pedro Pablo Pérez, declares that virtual raids not only have an impact on economic damages, but also on reputation when they affect the confidence that the environment has in the company.

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Code Talks for Devs Second Season

Second season of webinars dedicated to programming lovers is ready! Access each of them and stay with those that interest you most. Let’s hack!

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CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-03-06

Last February 28th we witnessed the largest DDoS attack ever seen on the GitHub website, reaching a record 1.35 Tbps and 126.9 million packets per second. Access the newsletter and find out what happened.

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Feb 2018

CyberSecurity Pulse 2018-02-20

Numerous types of attacks are affecting cryptocurrency users and many users lose their private keys that protect their wallet. We tell you how to recover them in this biweekly newsletter of our intelligence analysts.

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